Maternity Package


The package includes of the following:

• Normal delivery
2 days and 1 night
O&G fees for delivery charges
• 4 Meals per day (breakfast, lunch, tea & dinner)
• Paediatrician screening
• Vaccination for baby (Hep. B, BCG, and Vitamin K)
• Blood screening for baby (Rhesus blood group, G6PD, ABO RH, TSH)
• Nursery Care

This package is exclusive of:
• Any additional cost incurred due to complicated pregnancy
Consultant Paediatrician for baby problem
Mother with any complication before and after delivery

Other Charges:

• Induction of Labour: RM350.00
• Forceps:  RM 500.00
• Vaccum:  RM 700.00
• Epidural:  RM 850.00

• Subject to room availability
• Management reserved the right to alter the packages at its discretion without prior notice.